Merchandiser Management:

  • Daily Call-in Registers
  • Daily Sign in / Out Documents
  • Whats App Communication
  • Daily supervision by management structure 7 days a week
  • Repsly system
 Merchandising Controls:
  • Merchandising Steps Of A Call
  • Stock Availability Control
  • Daily Stock Level Optimisation
  • Client Check Sheets
  • Point of Sale Management
  • Shelf/Store Layout Management
  • Planogram Management
  • Management of Client Returns
  • Ensuring a Positive ROI for our Partners
  • Brand Activations / New Products Launches
  • In store drives, ie. Bulk Displays / Gondola Ends / Cross Merchandising
  • In Store Promotion
Training Manual:
  • Merchandising Guidelines in the "FMCG" (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Industry

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