The Trade Intelligence System incorporated into Coast & Country Sales is the Repsly System. Repsly partners with us to provide the best management system, that is effective, efficient and works productively to suit our needs, within our industry. Repsly has been focused on providing mobile software solutions for enhancing field activity management since its inception in 2010. Setting out to simplify processes for field teams and their managers, Repsly has customers in over 40 countries. Repsly assists our staff who visit our established customers on a recurring basis to perform customer service and field management functions. Deployed by leading global brands as well as innovative start-ups, Repsly enables our company to improve the efficiency of our field teams, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. As a result, Repsly’s solution helps our company to create a tight connection between the field and back-office operations.  

  • Competitor/New Product Launches
  • Timeous In Store Promotional Activity
  • New Creative in store Shelf Advertising
  • Innovative Supplier new Product Displays