Our Values


Living transparent authentic/genuine lives
  • We are true to ourselves and others, with no hidden agendas
  • We are truthful about the state of things, the good and the not so good
  • We share our thoughts and feelings freely with each other, asking for help when we need it
  • We are willing to have courageous conversations, even when it may be difficult to do so


Seeing the humanness in each of us
  • We value our differences, be it our capabilities, our backgrounds, our beliefs or our personalities
  • We care, show love and compassion and extend forgiveness for all, not judging or labelling another
  • We model what it is to be respectful, with others wanting to be like us
  • We have an attitude of acceptance, not having to always agree


Safe and supportive at ease with each other
  • We believe that what is said will be done and we do what we say we will do
  • We openly communicate, share ideas; knowing it is safe to do so
  • We ensure we are clear about our commitments
  • We believe in each other’s intents and positively act in the best interest of each other and the whole team


A contagious enthusiasm that uplifts
  • We are positive and enthusiastic
  • We go the extra mile, often doing more than expected
  • We are selfless in our actions, having an unfaltering belief in each other’s motivations
  • We help each other be in our flow, healthy and in a role that suits us


Stewards of what has been entrusted to us
  • We take ownership of what we are doing, being answerable for our actions
  • We hold each other accountable, proactively giving feedback and open to our failures
  • We are clear about what we contract with each other, whether it be internally or externally
  • We don’t shift blame and seek solutions to challenges that come our way


Eager to learn and teach, being the best we can be
  • We guide, empower and uplift each other to be the best we can be in all of life
  • We invest the time in our own and each other’s lives to gain and share wisdom and knowledge
  • We are courageously patient with each other as we learn, stumble, get up and learn again
  • We get to know each other well, building each other’s confidence to each live our special uniqueness


Working in harmony with others
  • We are unified and aligned in what we set out to achieve together
  • We stay calm under pressure and actively listen, valuing each other
  • We are appreciative and acknowledge one another
  • We support each other’s strengths and weaknesses, complementing each other