Coast & Country | Trade intelligenc

Coast & Country use a locally developed salesforce solution called ConnectFMCG. Our partnership with ConnectFMCG has allowed us to customise this trade intelligence solution based on our specific needs as an organisation as well as the requirements of our customers.

In an ever-growing technology-focused world, the ConnectFMCG platform is premised on using technology to help our unit managers and merchandisers perform their tasks more effectively in the field. This in turn allows us to gather the information we need to keep our customers informed regularly and to make decisions together, based on real-time data.


The ConnectFMCG platform is ever-evolving to keep up to date with our desire to share realtime data and insights with our suppliers. In offering a superior reporting dashboard to each client, we are able to match targets with results and determine gaps and goals with a fast turnaround time.  Our investment in this technology is in line with our core mission to offer superior service to our customers in an industry which is fast-paced, sales-focused, and promotion driven across a wide range of retail and wholesale customers.


ConnectFMCG offers:

  • Call Cycle Management

  • Supplier Galleries

  • Promotional Compliance

  • Price, NPD & Adhoc Surveys

  • Planogram Compliance

  • Ranging & Assortment

  • Image Recognition Technology